Episode 3

Episode #3 - How To Make More Sales Using Your Facebook group

We're constantly being asked, how can I make more sales from my group?

Of course we want to make more sales... we want o help as many people as possible, don't we?

So inside this episode we dig into how to easily make sales and reveal the revelation that was a game changer inside our business.

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Steve Harradine

I help home business owners and online experts build their Facebook tribe, dial in their message and automate their sales process using organic methods so they never have to beg people to buy.

With online false claims and under-delivery of promised results becoming the norm for many right now, I believe that honest, relationship based business promotion is the way forward for anyone looking to build an online brand.

I’ve worked with thousands of business owners to help them ‘find their voice’ to clarify their message, as well as show them how to make offers in the most natural and efficient way.